The Fat is Back

New Salsa fat bikes have arrived!  It may still be toasty out, but that just means the beaten path is even more beaten – time to get off of it!  We’ve got new Salsa Beargrease and Mukluk models in stock, so swing by and check out the range of new colors and specs that will grace the trails and roads of Iowa all year long. 

Salsa Beargrease Carbon SX Eagle – $2499

Select Bikes on Sale

Nearly all 2019 bikes are ON SALE NOW and 2018 models have seen further reductions! Plus we have all in-stock summer jerseys marked 25% off!!

There’s a lot of summer left – why not do it on a new bike or some fresh clothes?

Stop in for a test ride today!!

*Applies to in-stock bikes only

WaveCel Has Landed

There’s nothing more important to us than the safety and happiness of our customers, and World of Bikes is proud to be stocking helmets that represent the cutting edge in rider safety.  After all, you only get one brain.

WaveCel is a revolutionary helmet safety tech that’s available exclusively in these Bontrager helmets. Standard foam helmets are designed to protect against direct impacts. But WaveCel accounts for how most cycling accidents actually happen: ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. These WaveCel helmets are remarkably effective at preventing concussions caused by common cycling accidents.